Delivery Information

Important  - PLEASE READ and Understand – Delivery Info
The V Grooved sheets/Fretwork/Wall panelling are LARGE sheets mostly 2.4m x 1.2m, these will require suitable transport and we are unable to send via the usual next day delivery companies like DPD or FedEx etc.
For delivery, we will either use a SAME DAY COURIER or a PALLET FREIGHT company.
This service is the best option for delivery as we have full control over delivery times and access to your property.
It can be slightly more cost than Pallet Freight if you are not within 100 miles of us but we can safely say the courier will arrive at our premises, we will load them with the product and they will then proceed DIRECTLY to your premises and will help offload with the assistance of the receiver.
This is always the best solution as it is directly loaded and avoids any damage or non-delivery especially if you have contractors booked in and your time frame is important.
This service requires us to produce a ply palletised box to hold the panelling and to keep the product  from being damaged. The Pallet service is usually 1-2 days from picking up from our workshop and goes to a central UK hub ready for sorting to your specific post code.
When it arrives at your local depot a third party company may deliver to your location, as it’s a large pallet it is more than likely they will deliver in a large lorry (7.5-20 ton) and they will need suitable access for a very large truck to manoeuvre that must be able to park close to your property,  
The drivers will only offer kerbside delivery and they are NOT obliged to offload the pallet for you as they will have no means to do so, pallets are designed to be offloaded with a forklift truck, if it’s a building site with such equipment, then this is fine but if it isn’t and they are delivering to a residential property it will be down to you to have a suitable amount of people to do the following:
A: Have a drill screw gun ready to un-screw the lid of the ply box holding the wall panels.
B: Have 2 or more people in place to remove the wall panels from the ply box and walk to the desired location in the property.
Please advise if there are any low bridges or other height restrictions, narrow lanes, low branches, or any other obstructions (e.g. a hump backed bridge) that out truck will need to run under/over on their way into your site.
Unless you use the SAME DAY COURIER option be advised the delivery is quoted on an 'any-time daytime' delivery service. Our hauliers operate between 08.00 – 18.30hrs. We will not be held responsible for delays in traffic or any unforeseen circumstances where they are unable to deliver on the specified day and if you are not home to take delivery, this can potentially lead to a (chargeable), failed delivery.
Our haulier can charge for an additional re-delivery if there is no one home on the day of delivery or if they have to return the following day if you cannot remove the pallet in a suitable time. We reserve the right to pass these charges forward if the conditions mentioned above are not met. If you have any doubts about your site or our ability to deliver please let us know in advance, we are here to help!  This can potentially lead to a (chargeable), failed delivery.
We do our best to offer great service at a competitive price, you are welcome to arrange a pick up from our workshop in Sussex, please use suitable transport as the panels are always large and will not fit in Estate cars nor are they suitable to be strapped to a roof rack in most cases.
Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions on this, or if you would like to discuss any of these options in any more detail.