Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Wavywallpanels.com is a subsidiary website owned by Cnc-it Ltd.

Terms & Conditions These terms and conditions of business shall apply to all contracts and orders made with clients by Cnc-It

PRICES: All prices quoted are strictly net, exclusive of Value Added Tax, VAT will be charged at the current rate. All quotations are valid for 30 days from issue. Cnc-It reserves the right to alter the price and terms of the quotation if, upon inspection of the clients order, they differ significantly from the specification or timescales understood by Cnc-It when the quotation was given.

ARTWORK: We charge an hourly rate to convert any artwork that is either not a CAD file or there is a need to make good in order to complete orders.

PURCHASE ORDER AND LEAD TIME: Cnc-It require from all account holders an official hard copy purchase order on company letter headed paper or official company purchase order form to commence production. For all non-account holders production lead times commence from receipt of purchase order, cleared payment and any other relevant information confirmed in writing. Purchase orders are only accepted from trade or Limited companies. Lead times could extend if any additional work or special requirements are ordered not included in the original quotation or if there is a delay in client's approval of any required proofs or job specifications. Cancellation fees would apply if a purchase order was withdrawn for any reason during bespoke work. Cnc-It will use its best endeavours to ensure that orders are completed within the times quoted but will not accept any liability for damages in the event of failure to comply. Cnc-It cannot accept any claim for consequential loss no matter how caused. Production lead times are subject to confirmation at time of placing the purchase order.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Cnc-It require full payment with purchase order from all non-account customers to commence production and/or dispatch of goods. Credit cards: Visa / MasterCard / Maestro Payment made via telephone connection between client and Cnc-It. Cheque: For non-account customers the cheque must be cleared (normally 3-5 working days) before production commences and/or dispatch of goods. Bankers draft / Bank Transfer: Please note: client's bank may charge a fee for this service (this can take up to 3 working days to complete). Payment must be cleared in Cnc-It’s account to commence production and/or before dispatch of goods.

SERVICE AND DELIVERY: All service and delivery dates quoted are from the receipt of the Client's orders and origination in our office (and full payment in the case non-account holders). Cnc-It reserves the right to alter service times and delivery dates, if on inspection of the Client¹s order they differ significantly from the specification understood by us when the quotation was issued. Cnc-It will use its best endeavours to ensure that orders are completed within the times quoted but will not accept any liability for damages in the event of failure to comply. Delivery instructions will be adhered to closely but no responsibility can be accepted for delays. Cnc-It cannot accept any claim for consequential loss no matter how caused. Please do not sign for the delivery before checking thoroughly for any damages that may have occurred in transit. If damage has occurred, the goods should be rejected at point of delivery or signed for as “DAMAGED” and reported to Cnc-It within 3 working days. If you cannot check the delivery at the time please write “UNCHECKED” next to your signature, but ensure the goods are checked and any damage reported to Cnc-It within 3 working days of the delivery. Costs for damages cannot be obtained by Cnc-It from the transport company if the client has signed for the goods; as by doing so the goods are deemed to have been received ‘in good condition.’ Cnc-It cannot accept any claims for any consequential loss thereafter, no matter how caused, if the client has failed to comply with these conditions.

RETURNS: The easiest way of letting us know about a problem is to telephone us immediately upon receipt of goods on our telephone number 01403 888060 and our helpful staff will be happy to assist you with any query you may have. Confirmation of the “reason for return” should be sent in writing to Cnc-It, CNC House, Guildford Road, Bucks Green, West Sussex, RH12 3JJ within 24 hours of the receipt goods by client or his agent. If the goods were refused due to damage in transit and signed for as “DAMAGED”, the cost of return should be borne by the courier company. Otherwise, the cost of the return will be borne by the client and the goods will be repaired or replaced (in extreme circumstances) should the “reason for return” be found valid. Cnc-It will NOT refund goods that are: a) in good working order b) repairable or replaceable c) custom made, i.e. produced to the customer’s specifications d) in the possession of the client or their agent for more than 24 hours without informing Cnc-It in writing. A refund can be given on standard stock items if the above conditions have been met; this refund would incur a restocking fee of 15% of the total order value. In all cases Cnc-It reserve the right to repair or replace goods over refunding monies. Should the goods be rejected purely under the distance selling regulations (applies to retail consumer purchases only) then delivery costs and financial costs (e.g. credit card charges) incurred by Cnc-It will be borne by the consumer. Refunds in these cases will be refunded upon the receipt of written confirmation of cancellation from the consumer except where custom made, i.e. produced to the customer’s specifications work is involved.

CLAIMS: Any other issue with goods received from Cnc-It must be reported to Cnc-It in writing within 24 hours from receipt of goods by client or his agent. It is necessary that all relevant work and original material be returned to Cnc-It. LIABILITY: Cnc-It will take all reasonable care in handling Client's materials. Cnc-It advises all Clients to insure their materials for their full value against all risks, loss or damage at all times, including transit to and from Cnc-It’ s premises. Where original materials are submitted to Cnc-It on computer disk or other electronic or digital erasable media, the Client is advised to retain a copy for safe keeping. The Client shall inform Cnc-It in writing, if they do not have additional copies. Cnc-It’s liability for loss or damage to Client's materials, however caused, shall be limited to £50 per order. Cnc-It shall not be liable for any consequential losses, special damages or other indirect losses.

COPYRIGHT: It is understood that the placing of an order constitutes a warranty by the Client that he/she is fully entitled to the copyright in any material made available to Cnc-It and that he/she has secured all necessary authority and permission in respect of the use thereof, and the Client assumes absolute liability for any resulting action brought by a third party.

DESIGNS: Designs, drawings and artwork produced by Cnc-It remain their property and cannot be traced, copied or exhibited to any third party without written consent or until specifically paid for in full. Cnc-It will send a proof of digital artwork designed as a PDF or in an alternative specified digital format if requested. Hard copy proofs are available at an additional cost. Once a proof is approved by the client Cnc-It are no longer liable for any errors in the artwork once printed. LIEN AND RESERVATION OF TITLE: Cnc-It retains title to the goods until all amounts due from the Client are paid in full. In the event of the client being unable to pay his debts, Cnc-It may enter the Client's premises and recover the goods, which are its property by virtue of this clause.

FORCE MAJEURE: Cnc-It shall not be liable for failure to carry out any contract owing to an act of God, war strikes, lock-outs, fire, storm, breakdown of machinery or any other cause above and beyond our control or owing to inability to procure materials or services except at increased prices.