External Screens

Medite Tricoya Extreme.

We can now offer external fretwork screens for use outside by using the Medite Tricoya Extreme MDF.
Ideal for features in the garden or external walls, any of our fretwork designs can be made in this material.

Thicknesses available are : 6mm , 9mm , 12mm , 15mm and 18mm.

  • Durable
  • 50 year Guarantee
  • Dimensionally stable
  • lower maintenance costs
  • perfect for coating
  • Fungal resistant
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Desired service life of 60 years
  • Fire rating of Euro class D
Medite Tricoya Extreme  MDF is characterised by its durability, dimensional stability and reliability properties. The new design and application possibilities offered by the marriage of acetylated wood fibre with the manufacturing technology of Medite Tricoya Extreme is set to excite and stimulate composite product manufacturers, designers, architects and the construction industry alike, opening up new possibilities and solutions.